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Areas of Responsibility

  • Electricity
    Electricity is the basis for growth and activity in every home and in every economic sector in Israel. The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources has worked consistently throughout the years to strengthen and develop the national electricity sector and to minimize adverse environmental impacts. Along with other Government agencies, the Ministry is taking steps to increase the efficiency of, and promote competition in, the electricity sector, in order to prepare for the additional increase in demand expected as a result of ongoing economic development and population growth.
  • The research institutes

    The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources operates three research institutes to study and develop natural resources, which were brought together in 2009, in a Government resolution, under the Earth and Marine Sciences Research Administration.​

  • Mines and Quarries

    The building and road construction industries, which are at the very heart of Israel's development, make extensive use of raw materials that are mined and quarried in Israel, such as gravel, sand and limestone for cement. The Mining Unit at the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, headed by the Controller of Mines, is responsible for ensuring the orderly supply of raw material to Israel’s building and road construction industries, supervising quarry activity pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations, and taking action against illegal mining and quarrying.​

  • Natural Gas

    Israel, like many countries around the world, is encouraging a transition to natural gas as the primary energy source, with the many advantages it offers the consumer, the economy and the environment: reduced cost of electricity generation and of industrial products, less air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, greater market competition and promotion of exports, and strengthening of Israel’s economy, etc.​

  • Natural Gas Based Oil Replacements

    Following the discovery of natural gas reserves in Israel, and in light of the great significance perceived by the Ministry of National Infrastructures of exploiting natural gas reserves for the purpose of providing oil replacements and other uses...

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

    The Ministry encourages exploration by providing both geological and geophysical data which have been obtained from previous exploration surveys and government research.​

  • Chief Scientist
    The Office of the Chief Scientist, in the Ministry of National Infrastructures is responsible for supplying scientific and technological support to policy and decision-making processes within the Ministry.
  • Renewable Energy

    ​The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources is working to ensure the development and expeditious integration of renewable energy sources in Israel, in order to promote energy security and independence, and to strengthen the environment. In the process, Israeli industry and technology will be developed, as will sources of livelihood, particularly in Israel’s outlying regions.

  • Water

    Water is a basic and vital product, and thus the national water resources administration, while dealing with the shortage of water, faces a complex challenge requiring optimal response.​

  • Fuel

    Without fuel could be no economic activity, industrial, agricultural, military, medical or domestic sector activity. Most fuel is used as input for electricity generation, transportation, heating and as feedstock for the production of various industrial products. Most fuel is consumed in distilled from crude oil imported to Israel, or an imported person as finished fuel

  • Gas (LPG) Safety

    LPG is one of the major energy sources that are the basis for State Farm. LPG is a vital product used in many sectors of economic activity - home and institutional sector for cooking and heating, industrial and crafts sector and serves as inputs for petrochemical industry. Most of the LPG produced in the country and partly imported.

  • Energy Conservation
    Energy conservation efforts involve actions designed to reduce energy expenditures and to make energy use more efficient without compromising the level of service, and while preserving a positive ecological balance. Energy conservation and energy efficiency are a vital goal for Israel's energy sector and that of other countries, as well as for large and small energy consumers, and the inhabitants of Israel and the world alike.