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Areas of Responsibility

Research and Development Projects

​The Chief Scientist promulgates on a yearly basis calls for submitting research proposals pertaining to its scope of activities, as well as to the various stages of research progress, from conception to application.
R&D Financing in Israel
​The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources supports energy and earth and marine science research in Israel. Each year, the Chief Scientist Office assists in financing academic research in many fields, including energy efficiency technology, smart grids, oil alternatives, earthquake and environmental risks, developing new methods for minimizing such risks and temporal/spatial considerations during earthquakes.
The “Heznek” Foundation
​In 2007 the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources announced the establishment of the Heznek Foundation, designed to facilitate research, development and initiative in the fields of alternative and renewable energy and energy efficiency, and to place Israel in the center of global research and development in this field.
The Ministry encourages, via the foundation, technological enterprises which promote feasibility studies within the energy domain, such as energy efficiency, smart networks, oil alternatives for transportation and industrial purposes, biomass energy generation and from various types of refuse, hydrogen technologies, clean technologies and more efficient utilization of fossil fuels, as well as renewable energies such as wind, solar energy and fuel cells.
The Foundation assists fledgling energy and energy efficiency projects by financing up to 62.5% of the program’s approved budget, and up to 625,000 NIS. So far, approx. 4.5 million NIS were earmarked annually.
International Academic Collaborations
​The Chief Scientist Office promotes international collaborations with academic institutes in Israel and abroad. As part of this initiative, the collaboration with the BSF Foundation was established.
International Industrial Collaborations
​The Chief Scientist Office promotes international collaborations between industrial representatives in Israel and abroad. The collaboration with the BIRD Foundation was established as part of this initiative.
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