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Areas of Responsibility

Israel's water economy

Water is a basic and vital product, and thus the national water resources administration, while dealing with the shortage of water, faces a complex challenge requiring optimal response. The Water Authority and Mekorot are the main organizations charged with executing and implementing the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources policy and the government's resolutions concerning Israel's water resources.
The State of Israel resides in an area suffering from a shortage of water, in the outskirts of a desert. Nevertheless, the State had managed, in collaboration with the private sector, to maximize this limited resource and create a green and blooming environment, paralleling water-rich nations. The promotion and development of the desalination program have given an example of success policies, policies that changed the state of the Israeli water field, and have led it to a new era, by combining administrative approaches, creative thinking and advanced technologies.
Despite Israel's water crisis of the last few years, Israel had attained impressive achievements in water sector, including desalination projects, regular water supplies one of the best world quality, some of the world's highest wastewater reuse rates, low water loss, and developing agricultural and water technologies as successful export branches.
Lately, the Israeli water field has been undergoing a revolution in infrastructure and organization, which includes the establishment of water and sewage corporations, in an effort to properly improve and sustain the municipal water sector; some of the largest desalination plants in the world, the operation of which requires essential adaptations in the water supply system; and some of the largest wastewater reuse systems in the world for agricultural purposes.
The water shortage has inspired creativity amongst Israeli entrepreneurs, who had introduced novel innovations in water and agricultural technologies. The world-wide interest rising -
 by the international WATEC conferences, taking place in Israel The many participants arriving at these conventions from all around the globe testify for the international trust in Israeli supremacy in these fields. 
The Water Authority
The Water Authority, the government's executive branch in charge of Israel's water economy, is in responsible for the administration, operation and development of the Israeli water economy, including the preservation and restoration of natural water resources, the development new water resources and the oversight of water consumers and producers, so as to allow high quality water and sewage services of optimal reliability, while increasing the sustainable welfare of Israeli citizens.
Mekorot, Israel's national water company, operating under the supervision of the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, has been supplying the Israeli population with water for over 75 years: approx. 80% of which is drinking water, composing approx. 70% of all consumed water in the country. Mekorot's water supply system unites most regional water plants, the National Water Carrier System and the Yarkon Negev Facility, and integrates waters from the Kinneret, the shore and mountain aquifers, drilling waters, sea water and desalinated waters.
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